The Day Pizza Became A Vegetable...

Of all the places for left versus right wing politics to battle it out just for the sake of argument, our public school lunch rooms are the last place for such debates. Unfortunately, that's exactly what is going on right now and the children of this country are the ones who will suffer for it. One of the goals under the Obama administration is an attempt to increase the quality of nutrition in school lunch programs. This has mainly been due to the efforts of first lady Michelle Obama, but it has been a part of the administrations concerns nonetheless. In an attempt by congress to directly refute the administration for no other reason than just because, a new congressional bill would allow even just two tablespoons of tomato paste to be called a serving of vegetables, thus classifying pizza as a vegetable.

Now, if you were letting your kids read this story they might have a different reaction. However, we know the truth of the matter: it has nothing to do with improving our children's diets. Pandering to special interest groups and doing the opposite of what the party across the aisle wants is a big reason that this country is in the shape it is currently. Supporters of the bill claim that this bill will improve nutrition and also free up room in schools budgets. This is simply just not true.

Even if you could consider tomato paste to be healthy, think about what else is in the processed, preserved, and frozen pizza served in most public school cafeterias. Refined flour and sugars, chemically altered cheeses, oils, and seasonings: these are just a few of the terribly unhealthy ingredients used. The best case scenario here is a matter of 1 step forward, 3 steps back.

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