Study Shows Nearly HALF Of U.S. Meat And Poultry Is Contaminated

When government officials were busy finding a way to grant more power to the FDA to regulate food producers in the US, their promise was a simple one: our food supplies will be safer. Recent independent research conducted by the Translational Genomics Research Institute contains some staggering numbers that show it just isnt true. Well, partially anyway. It seems that the main focus of the so-called food safety bill is on vegetable and grain producers, but completely neglects to regulate or protect anyone from potential hazards related to meat. The research which was recently published in the Clinical Infectious Diseases journal says that almost HALF of the meat products sampled from retail grocery stores across the country from Los Angeles to Washington DC contain the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause a range of diseases in humans and can even be deadly when ingested.

Factory animal farms that produce most of the meat and poultry in the US are breeding grounds for more than just animals themselves. Because of the huge doses of vaccines and antibiotics given to the animals, they can breed massive amounts of bacteria; some of which can be called superbugs because of their resistance to drugs. More than half of the bacteria found to be present in the sampled meat were resistant to 3 or more (9 in some cases) classes of antibiotics. The national study was the first of its kind, and showed that the contamination wasnt from the facilities or the procedures used in production- the main cause of concern by the FDA regarding bill S.510. No, the major source of potentially deadly bacteria was in the animals themselves.

There was such a furor over e.coli in vegetables that the powers that be totally forgot that it grows in animals, not plants. So much concern over e.coli left the door wide open for meat factories to start producing enough staph to kill a small nation. In fact, the only way that vegetables could contain e.coli is if it got there by way of animals in the first place. Whats even scarier is that even though the government regularly checks retail meat for bacteria that is resistant to drugs, staph is not one of them. Thats right, a potentially deadly and drug resistant bacteria that has been found in over HALF of the meat for retail sale is somehow flying under the radar of the government agencies we elect and trust to protect us and our families.

The food safety bill ensures that we are anything but safe.


Translational Genomics Research Institute

Clinical Infectious Diseases


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