Simple Cures Straight From The Kitchen

Cancer Fighter
Lab studies of human cells show that rosemary may help prevent certain types of cancer! The rate at which human leukemia and brest cancer cells multiplied was reduced when researchers exposed the cells to rosemary extract. Here's the catch though, as with all spices, the active ingredients deteriorate with storage and processing. After 3 months of storage, paprika's levels of antioxidants dropped 75%. Lesson? Eat fresh rosemary for best results

Trouble Sleeping?
Getting older in age brings on sleeping problems. One thing you may want to think about is taking Valerian. Its a natural tranquilizing herb that helps reduce insomnia and possibly anxiety. It triggers the same receptors as Valium...but no big drug company to pay.

Hearts On Fire
Is your heart always on fire? We're not talking about fiery love, but heartburn. STOP drinking sodas. It resonates in your system and irritates your heart (especially in a laying down position). Soda also will cause night time acid reflux over time. So stop drinking soda, but if you're addicted keep from drinking it 3 hours before bedtime.

Hangover Help
If you drink excess alcohol you're bound to experience a hangover. Hangovers are determined by the amount of alcohol in a given time, your body's enzymic capacity, and your age. Drinking Gatorade, a dose of Maalox and bananas can quickly act upon the excess chemicals alcohol leaves behind which causes the hangover. Depending on the severity you can be hangover free in just 30 minutes.

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