Senate Bill 510 Falls Flat Thanks To Greedy Senators Trying To Sneak New Taxes Past The House

After originally passing legislation, it seems that the food safety modernization act (S.510) has actually managed to stall, thanks to the greedy hands that pushed it forward in the first place. While passing the bill, Senators added new taxes; an act that can only be initiated by the House of Representatives. What this boils down to is that the House now has to reject the bill and send it back for a revision, and another vote. The good news for those opposing this tyrannical bill is that at the very least, it will take a fair amount of time for the process to be completed again. There is even chances that because of this opposition and added attention that the Senate may not even reintroduce it. Further increasing the chances that it wont be brought up again is the fact that Senate Democrats that pushed the bill forward released a slew of announcements about its passage. The bill was little known, and the premature celebration may be enough to make some bury their heads in the sand. There is very little time left in this session of Congress, so its likely that if it is reintroduced it wont be until the next session. Its worth noting that numerous large food producers and agricultural companies spent millions of dollars in attempt to buy support for the bill, and thereby votes. The 4 Senators who received the most money still voted against it. This could be because of their moral standards, or it could be that theyre Republicans and the bill was introduced by a Democrat. Regardless, their votes were not purchased. Time will tell as to whether it comes back around, but at the very least our farmers and local food producers are safe.  

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