Senate Bill 510 Aims To Criminalize Food Production

Last week we brought you information on pending inflation that will be brought on by the Federal Reserves quantitative easing plan. Now, the risk of damage to the economy and peoples ability to obtain food is even higher. There is a new bill going before congress that could potentially make it illegal for people to grow their own food. Senate Bill 510 is also known as the Food Safety Modernization Act, and if passed could make the tomatoes you grow in your back yard fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security.   If this bill is passed, the government would have the right to seize any crops or arrest those growing them. Stockpiling seeds from natural plants to grow a new years crop would be illegal, as would be selling vegetables at a farmers market. Can you imagine the image of SWAT teams harvesting fruits or vegetables? What about burning them like they would do in a drug bust?   If you look carefully, the only people who are supporting this bill are huge agricultural corporations who would be set to make massive profits. Not only will inflation make food nearly unaffordable to most people, but this bill would govern who youre even allowed to buy food from. Imagine all the small farms that produce the foods we consume going away. Pretty soon, well only be able to be force fed preservatives and synthetic foods. Soylent Green anyone?   This sort of action would put a huge burden on government employees as well by creating mountains of paperwork. Perhaps these are the jobs our current administration wants to create. How many livelihoods will it destroy though? There have already been numerous raids on farms producing raw foods, and that number will only rise to infinity if this goes through.   Do your homework, and contact your congressmen to express your feelings on such an un-American piece of legislative garbage. It doesnt just affect the natural health crowd, it affects the entire country. Everyone has to eat, right?  

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