Science Playing God By Growing Replacement Human Organs In Pigs

Mahatma Ghandi once said that the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. While the rise of factory farms for mass production has given way to barbaric practices, it appears that the worst is yet to come. A medical team in Japan has recently revealed what theyre calling progress in the field of stem cell research. Their ultimate goal: generating human organs by injecting stem cells into animal embryos, or in other words playing God.


Stem cells called pluripotent cells can reproduce as other kinds of cells, not just their own type. For this reason, they are now being injected into pigs in order to make them generate human blood, and soon organs. This process has been done before between mice and rats, even engineering mice to be born without a pancreas- making them diabetic at birth due to the inability to make insulin. This same practice would have to take place with the pigs as well, so consider that if they want a pig to grow a human liver it would have to be missing its own liver to begin with. These experiments have been going on for years, but are just now seeing the light of day in regard to the public eye.


Organ transplantation is a tricky beast on its own without adding the dangers associated with mass food production and factory farms. In fact, most of the food borne disease comes from these farms already due to unsanitary conditions. The underlying problem is that if such a large portion of the population didnt disregard their health in the first place there wouldnt be such a need for organ transplantation at all. Now we have black market surgeons and people being kidnapped or in some cases murdered for their organs just so someone can buy themselves a few more years of debauchery.


It is more than likely that if this practice takes off, the incidents of disease will only increase. Cross contamination is already a huge issue with factory farms, and thats just with animals we cook and eat. It can only become worse if we are to put organs from their bodies directly into our own. Even beyond the moral argument of this research, the ethical argument of spreading illness should be enough to sway anyone.



UK Telegraph



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