Science Finally Proves/Justifies Your Coffee Addiction

Sure, you may subscribe to the belief that your morning coffee is a necessity for functionality, but now theres science to prove it. The University of Barcelona conducted a test of 40 participants who were given different beverages containing caffeine, glucose, both, or neither. They were subjected to a continuous test of their attention spans, as well as a MRI before and afterward. After reviewing the study results, it was discovered that those who received the combination of caffeine and glucose showed brain activity linked to a longer attention span, and better memory.


The theory is that caffeine is responsible for the activation of certain cells responsible for attention and memory, and glucose provides the energy for that action. The only real drawback is that with prolonged use, tolerance can build. Even if you dont notice the positive effects, overuse of caffeine can have negative repercussions as well. Just like with every chemical or substance on earth, moderation is key.


Dont hesitate to go for that cup of joe, but just dont overdo it. Remind your friends that youre not just feeding your caffeine demons, but improving your memory and attention span. Science said so!


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