Science Fiction Soon To Be Science Fact With Development Of Memory Erasing Drugs

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Vanilla Sky, even Men in Black; among others, they all feature a topic straight out of science fiction: memory erasure. Big pharmaceutical companies have been spending days and dollars over the past few years to bring such an idea from the pages of science fiction novels to the pages of medical journals, and it seems that theyre closer now than ever before.   Studies on laboratory mice have already been conducted, and point to protein buildup in the brain when memories are formed. These mice were electrocuted in the name of making them fear an audible cue. As the mice began to appear to fear the tones, proteins began to accumulate in their brains fear center. It remains to be determined if these so called scientists obtained their degrees online, but for one reason or another this result has led them to believe that memories are nothing more than proteins in the brain. Therefore, in the name of science, drugs are being developed to inhibit or chemically remove such proteins from the human brain.   As with any major development like this by huge pharmaceutical companies, it will be branded and marketed as for your safety or for your protection. The reality of the matter is that big brother will have another method of keeping things in check. Even if memories were just proteins in the brain, how would anything specific be targeted? Entire sections of a persons life could be lost forever, and thats just in civilian application. Shoddy science like this could lead to waves of military personnel executing black ops assignments, only to be diagnosed with PTSD or the like and then treated with drugs like this so that theyd never remember it happened. Suddenly every crazy conspiracy theory out there becomes possible, because if nobody remembers an event then it never really happened. Did it?   Scientists like this often get so wrapped up in the here and now, the physical realm of things that they often forget that there is much more to the human brain than a mass of fatty tissues and proteins. There is a vast difference between the brain and the mind. With inflation set to rise to astronomical levels, legislation on the senate floor that would make growing your own food nearly illegal, and the prospect of drugs to eliminate memories, we are inching ever closer to a totalitarian society that would rival any of the absurd thoughts penned by H.G. Wells, Arthur C. Clarke, or George Orwell. Science fiction may very soon become science fact if we allow it.    

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