S.510 Sneaks Past Us Again, This Time Hidden In House Appropriations Ammendment

Exactly 1 week ago, it was reported that the House of Representatives found where the Senate was trying to sneak new taxes through under the radar in bill 510. This is the infamous food safety modernization act that has so many in an uproar. The bill was halted, and it seemed as though we wouldnt have to worry about our food freedoms being revoked; at least until the next session of congress- if at all. Today comes somber news though. It seems that the House wasnt really so concerned with the bill itself, as just the taxes it would have instated. Their revoking of the bill was more a show of power, saying no one creates new taxes but US than anything. Reason being, the House has added an amendment to an appropriations bill that was primarily designed for military construction and veterans affairs spending that includes all the language from S.510.

What it amounts to is that the federal government seems to want a food producers database. This of course will lead to surprise inspections, and a whole laundry list of where are your papers? type of Nazi occupied France moments on US soil. The worst part is that these inspections can occur when and where ever the FDA decides. They will become the be all, end all as far as food production goes in the US. All it will require is someones belief that there is a risk. No actual scientific data will be required.

After this, the food producers could be dragged into an ongoing court case where they wouldnt even have the option of legal counsel. This court would most certainly value the FDAs beliefs over scientific facts, and could easily shut down smaller producers in favor of the major agricultural companies that pay into the federal machine. Of course, thats the plan after all isnt it.

There are plenty of people out there who think that those in opposition of this bill are just crazy conspiracy theorists, but dont forget for one second that there has never been a situation where a government agency didnt abuse a power it was given. Theres still time to stop this bill before it becomes law, so again we urge you to contact your local representatives and demand they stop this from being passed.


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