Research suggests watercress can inhibit cancer spreading proteins

Tumors quickly outgrow their naturally occurring blood supply, and since cancers arent ones to give up nicely, they generally excrete proteins that cause surrounding tissues to grow new blood vessels to the tumor. This of course aides it with blood, oxygen, and other nutrients it needs to grow into a big, strong tumor and continue on its path to bodily domination. This is how cancers spread throughout the body.   Word comes now though that like in so many other health conditions, a potential answer can be found in nature rather a pharmaceutical corporation laboratory. The University of Southampton in the United Kingdom is reporting now that plant compounds found in watercress may have the ability to prevent cancerous proteins from spreading.   In the test, several breast cancer survivors were subjected to a fasting diet, after which they ate a serving of watercress. For the next 24 hours, blood tests were periodically taken that showed a high level of the plant compound from watercress, as well as a decreased presence and function of the cancerous protein.   By no means should this be considered a cure for cancer, but finding a key component in the process of preventing the spread of dangerous cancers can surely be called a step forward in the act of saving lives from the deadly disease. Whats more comforting is knowing that its as simple as a dietary addition, and no chemicals or drugs with other side effects were used to achieve these results.   This research was recently published in the British Journal of Nutrition and Biochemical Pharmacology, and is also available to read at PubMed at the following link:  

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