Pumping Up Your Health With Pumpkin Seeds

Its true what they say about pumpkin seeds. And I ought to know. Ive become my own personal lab rat in the quest to improve my health; and after several months, during which Ive made pumpkin seeds a part of my regular diet, I can feel the difference! Magnesium! Manganese! Zinc! Copper! Honestly, if the size of each pumpkin seed matched its nutritional content, it would be as big as a minivan!


A Tempest In A Quarter Cup

Just one quarter-cup of pumpkin seeds, also called pepitas, can provide half the magnesium you need each day for bone, blood, and bowel health.


Zinc revs up your immune system, and bolsters cell growth. It impacts the condition of your eyes and skin; it can affect your mood and your ability to think clearly. It even helps to regulate your senses - particularly your senses of taste and smell.


Pumpkin seeds are great sources of plant-based proteins and Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fiber - building blocks to vibrant health. They can regulate insulin levels and help prevent complications caused by diabetes. I like both raw and roasted pumpkin seeds; but it is suggested that raw pepitas provide greater nutritional value, because roasting can destroy some of the nutrients.


Theyre chock full of potassium, iron, and phosphorus as well, without which red blood cells cant develop fully. Raw pumpkin seeds contain more vitamins E and K than their roasted counterparts. Both of these vitamins are invaluable to your cardiovascular system.


Delectable Dietary Versatility

In Mexico, pepitas are a dietary staple. Theyre toasted and flavored with salt and lime or chili peppers, making a flavorful snack. The Greeks enjoy them, too, lightly salted and roasted in the hulls. Pumpkin seed oil is used for salads and as cooking oil.


I love to eat them as a snack, but I also love them in salads. More recently Ive started cooking with them. Sprinkling them into sauted summer squash near the end of the cooking time - delicious! And theyre terrific in granola, breads, and other bake goods as well.


Cinderellas fairy godmother transformed a pumpkin into a coach that delivered her to her happily ever after. Eating pumpkin seeds every day can do the same thing to your overall health.


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