Pilot Fakes Medical License for 15 Years

Frank Abagnale Jr. became famous for forging both checks and work credentials, racking up over $2.5 million in forgeries, and careers as a lawyer, doctor, and airline pilot. This was back in the 60’s, but in the modern day, one William Hamman seeks to follow in his footsteps. Well, just a few of them.   For years, Hamman has spent his time as both a pilot and a cardiologist. One of these things is not like the other. For 15 years, he has worked as a cardiologist and educator at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan. Not until last spring was it detected that he never even graduated from medical school, let alone obtained a Ph. D. Somehow or another, this man was able to hide these facts and become a leader and teacher, while obtaining and sharing in millions of dollars worth of grants for the hospital.   The American Medical Association must have thought something special of him, because they were still scheduling him to be the lead in a seminar even after discovering the falsity of his records. Their solution was just to change his title to Captain instead of Doctor in his biography, because his pilot’s license was actually legitimate. With stories like this, it kind of removes the need to wonder why there are so many medical malpractices and mistakes on a yearly basis.  

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