Petition To End Fluoridation Needs YOUR Signature NOW

Since its inception in 1945, adding fluoride to drinking water supplies in the US under the guise of preventing tooth decay has been controversial to say the least. Countless doctors and dentists have spoken out against it, and even conducted studies that have proven its ineffectiveness in such treatments. Even still, with the supposed purpose being to protect teeth it is added to drinking water. How ingesting a chemical that has been linked to numerous negative health effects is of any benefit is anyones guess, and the efforts to stop this practice have continually been overlooked - the cries of personal freedom fallen on deaf ears. Recently the federal government has opened a portal to the people that allows us to voice our opinions via petitions. One such petition created by the Fluoride Action Network calls for an end to water fluoridation, and its getting close to being heard, but they need our help.


The petition created by FAN has until October 26 to reach the 5,000 names needed to be heard by the government. Thats 5,000 just for them to look at it. To ensure action is taken, there needs to be a much higher level of support. Surely there are more than 5,000 people in this country that want the government to stop poisoning our water supplies. The petition points out proven facts like how consuming fluoride can lead to:

  • Dental and skeletal fluorosis

  • Lowered IQ

  • Bone cancer


In addition to whats pointed out in the petition, fluoride has also been linked to:

  • Disruption of collagen production

  • Infertility in women

  • Depressed thyroid activity

  • Autoimmune disease


The battle has never been as close to being won as it is now for those of us in the fight against fluoride. Sign the petition at the link below, and encourage your local lawmakers, representatives, and senators to do the same. Standing idly by on the sidelines will do no good, we all have to step up and do our part.


Click here to sign the petition and stop water fluoridation.

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