Over Half Of Gov't Payouts For Vaccine Injury Were For Autism

For more than 20 years, federal officials have denied any allegations of links between certain vaccinations and serious side effects. One of the more specific conditions that have been tied to vaccines for that length of time is autism. Even this year, a reputable study that linked the two was publicly denounced and accused as fraud. The researcher, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, lost his medical license amid the turmoil only to soon be absolved as it was proven that his accuser was in fact the one guilty of fraud. With all these efforts to thwart the plans of those who only wish to expose the truth, you might actually be surprised that there is a government program working behind the scenes that is specifically designed to provide compensation to people found to be injured by certain vaccines.


The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) was born in 1988, and although some of its main purposes are to stabilize costs, and make sure that there are enough vaccines to go around, it has inadvertently proven the dangers of vaccines themselves. 1300 cases of vaccination related brain injuries in children were recently studied that contained references to autism, autism symptoms, or other disorders that are associated with autism in their court records. 150 of these families which were paid by VICP were contacted and simply asked whether their children were autistic. A total of 83 (more than half) out of the 150 selected reported incidents of autism.


Government agencies continue to deny any associations between vaccination and autism yet seem to by and large compensate families who were scientifically determined to have suffered as a direct result of vaccines. Since this report was released, the CDC has reiterated their previous stance that there is absolutely no link between autism and vaccines. One branch of the government repeatedly denies the link that seems to be the elephant in the room, while another branch certifies that these incidences of autism did in fact result from vaccination.


Critics and defenders alike should call for congress to investigate and find out once and for all how to protect our children. Lyn Redwood, executive director of SafeMinds, which seeks to end health disorders caused by mercury and other toxins, said The question is not longer can vaccines cause autism? The answer is clear. Now, we have to ask, how many cases of autism have vaccines caused and how do we prevent new injuries from occurring?



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