Opening A Can Of Worms To Treat Colitis

According to the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America, nearly 600,000 Americans suffer from ulcerative colitis. This chronic bowel condition causes inflammation and ulcers in the lining of the colon. Sharp pain, and bloody stool are only a few of the debilitating symptoms associated with it. After a year of steroid treatments without result, one California man was not satisfied with his doctors alternative offerings. Immunosuppressive drugs, or the surgical removal of his colon were not acceptable options for this man, so he took matters into his own hands. After researching the condition an alternative treatment was discovered that led him to Thailand, and its definitely something youd think would come from someplace like that: worms.


First ingesting 500 microscopic roundworm eggs in a glass of water to no avail, he proceeded to take another 1,000, and a third round of 2,000 more. The eggs hatch inside the intestine, and either die there or pass out of the persons system. During the time they inhabit the intestine though, they produce high levels of mucus. This is precisely why doctors think this treatment worked. There is no exact known cause for colitis, but it is known to affect the immune system and production of mucus. This can lead to the ulcers, infections, and other painful symptoms.


Tissue samples were taken before and after treatment. Before treatment when the disease was still very active, levels of inflammatory protein producing cells were through the roof. However, when this treatment was ongoing, there were an exorbitant number of other cells that are known for their ability to heal tissues responsible for mucus production.


Now, just because this was the case with this man is no reason to go digging for worms next time it rains. Many people would have adverse reactions, as the worms themselves being parasites can damage human organs as well. Just another odd medical miracle for your reading pleasure.


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