New Vaccines Contain Various Poisons

The US government has commissioned two pharmaceutical companies to fast track a vaccine for the swine flu, and have designated young children as the first in line to receive them. The problem with any forced vaccine is just that, it's a forced vaccine. Vaccines are primarily dead or weakened viruses, with the intent of getting your body ready to fight off the real thing. The difference is that vaccines include a plethora of other chemical agents, and ingredients designed to make the body go over the top in searching out and destroying any viruses. Flu vaccines alone contain ingredients also present in antifreeze and formaldehyde. The additive in these swine flu vaccines that seems to be causing the most stir is squalene. Squalene has not been approved for this use in the US, and actually caused rheumatoid arthritis when injected into rats. The real problem is that squalene occurs naturally in the body, and when it's used in a vaccine it will cause the body to seek it out where ever it may be hiding, and destroy it. This can lead to all sorts of other long term problems. Maybe Alec Baldwin was right. Maybe it's time to move to France.

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