New Universal Flu Vaccine Will Be Just As Useless

Over the past few years, more and more people have become aware that flu vaccines not only contain harmful additives, but that they just dont work. One of the supposed side effects that manufacturers admit is that flu vaccines should by all accounts give you the flu, but many people didnt even get that last season. While there is still controversy stirring about its potential to cause things like autism, and the known fact that there were huge spikes in fetal demise and still birth among pregnant women who got vaccinated, the wheels are turning yet again to find a way to market and sell vaccines this coming flu season. This time, its a vaccine to end all vaccines. One that is effective against ALL strains of the flu.


Thats what theyre saying to sell it at least, that every strain of influenza has some common denominators that never change and that this version is engineered along those guidelines so that it will work against every type of the flu you can imagine. Swine flu, bird flu, platypus flu probably even youre covered is what they want you to believe. A fine marketing campaign is certainly needed when the CDC essentially admitted last year that flu vaccines are useless, and thats why people need to be vaccinated each year.


Remember that the best way to boost your immune system and avoid the flu is not in a syringe. Its getting plenty of rest, and keeping up levels of vitamin D.



USA Today


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