New Recommendations For Vitamin D Still Not Enough

The last few years have been filled with research in to numerous diseases and conditions ranging from cancer to depression. The one common link that they all share is deficiency in vitamin D. Even last year, with all the rage that was H1N1 showed that those who heavily supplemented vitamin D fared better against the flu than those who were vaccinated. Finally, the Institute of Medicine has officially stated that most people should be taking more of the vital vitamin. Theyve even raised their daily recommendations for intake, but some believe that its still not enough.   Of course, one could argue that this is because the recommendation is coming from the Institute of MEDICINE, not the institute for real health. Its also fair to say that because most of the money that gets funneled into big pharma and friends is from patients with cancer and other debilitating diseases that could otherwise be prevented with proper nutrition. Some also argue that the cost of eating healthy is higher because the health care industry will profit less on you long term. Regardless of where your personal opinion lies, the facts are out there to prove vitamin Ds effects.   The IoM raised their recommendation from 200 IUs (internal units) to 600 IUs, but a lot of health professionals are still crying foul of this number. Many of them believe that numbers like 2000-4000 IUs could help prevent cancer. A Nebraska study actually showed more than a 60% decrease in multiple forms of cancer in women over a 4 year period. Despite all this, the government (being in bed with big pharma anyway) has warned against taking too much vitamin D. A recommendation that is simply, ridiculous.   Do your homework, and read between the lines. The truth is out there.    

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