New Official Report Shows Staggering Numbers In Relation To GM "Suicide Seeds"

One year ago, we brought you an article about how genetically modified seeds, and their combined cost and failure rate were leading to numerous suicides among farmers in India. As of today officially reported numbers have been released, and its more than staggering. Over the past 10 years, there have been more than 200,000 suicides by farmers who either cannot afford to maintain their livelihood, or are so deep in debt because of corporations like Monsanto.


To refresh your memory, these genetically modified seeds are literally just a one trick pony. By that we mean that theyre good for only one use, and the crops they grow do not produce seeds to be used the following season. These crops also require the use of a number of pesticides and fertilizers (also manufactured by Monsanto) to even grow in the first place. An official government report from India states that at least 90% of known suicides were people in debt, debt that arose as a result of farmers diving head first into GMO seeds as opposed to their previous conventional farming techniques.


There are certainly some who will argue the validity of GMO crops to the bitter end, and some arguments they may volley are good ones. End world hunger, sure. Nobody will argue against that, its a very noble cause. However, end hunger at what cost, 200,000 suicides in a decade? How many human lives must be lost before the realization that this program isnt working sinks in? Unfortunately, these lives will never outweigh the money made by huge international corporations.

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