New Health Care Plan Struck Down By Federal Judge For First Time

The federal government has no right under to make US citizens purchase some form of health insurance. Most of us realize this, but finally a federal judge has sided with the constitution as well. Today, 12/13/2010, a federal judge declared that the new US health reform law that is being pushed by President Obama is illegal according to the constitution. This one judges ruling could turn into a major blow against the proposed plan, but at the same time it should be remembered that there are plenty of instances throughout history where the Supreme Court did not vote according to the constitution. The real battlegrounds in this case are currently in Virginia, where a new law is under debate. This new state law would be mimicked by the other 49 if it were to pass. It requires state citizens to buy health insurance, and is completely illegal. Consider also that anyone who doesnt follow this law will be fined by the IRS as well. In the other federal lawsuits presented against this new health plan, judges have sided with Obama. This is the first case of any judge ruling against it, and there are numerous other cases pending. The real portion of this new plan that is dividing those in the courts is the appearance that the government would be requiring citizens to purchase a product, or else be fined. Its simply unconstitutional. The argument is about individual citizens right to choose, and as deep an economical hole the country is in, individuals would have a difficult time purchasing it. Suits are likely to continue mounting to the point that it goes to the Supreme Court as a whole. Consumers as a whole are displeased with the plan so far, because the cost of living alone is expensive enough. Also, people dont always like being told what to do and when/how to do it. If approved, the new national plan would go into effect in 2014.  

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