New Diabetes Drug Causes Spike In UTI, Bladder, and Breast Cancers

In another instance of prescription drugs causing more problems than they solve, a new diabetes drug that is currently being tested has already been linked to numerous types of cancer and increases in various types of infections. Bristol-Myers Squibb and AstraZenecas new medication dapaglifozin actually fares worse than the more well-known diabetes drug metformin. Side effects like nausea, diarrhea, chest pain, difficulty breathing, fever, muscle pain, and unusual tiredness or weakness should be enough to make anyone look for other treatment options. However, This new drug jumps past all of the digestive system issues and problems with general wellbeing straight into serious diseases.


The two year study showed that those taking dapaglifozin were five times more likely to develop bladder cancer than those being treated with other medications. Similar numbers were discovered when comparing rates of breast cancer, with dapaglifozin users developing it at four times the rate of those not taking it. Only a single person in each control group for both bladder and breast cancer developed the condition in the 2 year period of the study.


While increases in cancers are certainly serious issues, the more common effects were infections in the genitals and urinary tract. This is most like attributed to the way that dapaglifozin works. It prevents glucose from being absorbed through the kidneys and into the blood stream. Instead, it disposes of excess glucose directly through urine and other bodily waste. This causes an increase in bacterial infections that could be avoided if the sugars were processed and disposed of in other ways.


Diabetes can be reversed naturally, and without drugs of any kind. Its important to remember that there are other options besides turning to pills for every ailment. While some are helpful, most carry side effects worse than the condition theyre meant to treat.



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