New Book Details How Prescription Drugs Rob You Of Essential Nutrients

A few months back, we featured an article about the side effects that can come along with over the counter medications. Whether from that article or other news coverage, most people are aware of the potential hazards that are associated with OTC drugs like allergy medications, sleep aids, and non steroidal anti inflammatory pain killers. A new book is being published that calls out not OTC meds, but prescription drugs for robbing those who take them of vital nutrients that in turn can lead to severe side effects. In some cases, the potential side effects defeat the purpose of taking the medications themselves. Heres a list of types of prescription drugs, and how they might be making things worse for you:   Antibiotics They kill harmful bacteria in the body, but theyre not exactly precision strikes. They also knock out good bacteria that produce things like B vitamins which keep the nervous system healthy and maintain the health of muscles and bones. This can put you at risk for heart disease, bone loss, and increase the risk of certain cancers.   Blood Pressure Medications There are some medical treatments for high blood pressure that include drugs that dilate blood vessels. However, some of these drugs also attach themselves to zinc, and in this form it cant be recognized as the mineral needed by the body to grow new cells, boost the immune system, and make testosterone in men. This can lead to hair loss, prostate problems, and even slowed wound healing.   Antidepressants Most of these drugs work by boosting brain chemicals that are associated with mood. The problem is that they can also lower thyroid hormones that affect digestive function, muscle control, and mood. The result can be weight gain, and depression. Thats right, antidepressants can actually cause depression.   Diuretics For the treatment of high blood pressure and swelling, diuretics are used to make the kidneys produce more urine. In that process though, many essential nutrients are lost with the excess urine flow. Vitamin C happens to be one of these nutrients, and when youre deficient in it you can not only have lessened immune function, but also depression and weight gain due to its function in burning fat.   Sources: Daily Mail Drug Muggers by Suzy Cohen, R Ph    

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