More Food Recalls From Big Manufacturers Show Where The Real Contamination Concern Lies

To go along with numerous other food safety recalls as of late, 72,000 lbs of cans of Bumble Bee tuna are being recalled. The food safety and inspection service has labeled this as a class 2 recall, which means that there is a remote probability of adverse health consequences associated with the recall. So, what are these remote probabilities? Pieces of hard plastic in the tuna itself are what have prompted the recall. Hard, indigestible, pieces of plastic that could either choke someone, or shred your intestines if swallowed only present a remote probability of damage.


Last week, 41, 000 lbs of chicken tamales were recalled because they contain whey and its not listed on the packaging. This was considered a class 1 recall which is defined as reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death. Whey can cause anything up to death, but dont worry about the little plastic bits. Thats essentially what theyre saying. Really?


Prior to both of these incidents, 12 different food items produced by Gourmet Salads were recalled because they were never inspected by federal representatives prior to their shipment to distributors. Recalling these items is the correct action, but whose fault is it really that they werent inspected? Gourmet Salads or the federal employees whose job it is to conduct these inspections.


Meanwhile, the government aims to sneak the failed S.510 food safety bill through under the guise of a different house bill, and impose stricter regulations on farmers and home growers. It seems as though with all these recalls going to major manufacturers, that there is where the problems in food safety lie. Not in our own back yards. Big time production, industrial settings and the like, these are where contamination takes place.


Contact your state representatives; make sure your voice is heard. Encourage them to not allow the language of S.510 to pass under the radar through another unrelated bill.


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