Mercury intoxication at everyday low prices, God bless America

Breaking news! The US has overproduced flu vaccine shots, and wants to make sure you get your ASAP! Thats right; the new push is that flu season is arriving a little late this year, so theres still plenty of time to get vaccinated. Whats even better is that this years model comes with triple protection, which really means that it has triple the chemicals, and is 3 times more likely to not work at all. Of course, these vaccinations are once again being recommended especially for the elderly and for pregnant women. This is a bit surprising, since the CDC already released a report detailing that pregnant women who received the H1N1 vaccine last year experienced a 700% increase in miscarriage. No, thats not a typo.


The whole world is in an uproar apparently, as the rest of the world panics over H1N1 like the US did last year. The UK for example, is running dangerously low on vaccine. The US has produced over 160 million doses, which is a record. Still, people arent interested. Perhaps theyre starting to catch on. Even last year during the H1N1 fiasco, most of those vaccines were wasted as people caught on to the propaganda and it became obvious that it was never as severe as purported to be.


Its nice to know that most people arent buying into the shot anymore, as even doctors have admitted that the patients they treat for the flue dont seem remorseful for not getting vaccinated. Doctors shake their heads while the rest of us nod. Of course, this wont stop a lot of useless vaccine from being spread. There are plenty of plans in action to get rid of the shots. Walgreens, who seems to be going for a world record, is donating $10,000 to cover 350,000 vaccines. Meanwhile, Kroger has slashed prices on their shots; dropping them from $24.99 to $14.99. Theyre also distributing vouchers for free flu shots. Mercury intoxication at everyday low prices, God bless America!


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