Major Fluoride Action Being Taken In New York, NY and San Diego, CA

If youre reading this article, its likely that you already know the dangers posed by fluoride. Not only in dental products, but in the very water you drink and bathe in. Most municipal water supplies are fluoridated for the benefit of the public. However, if an additive that has been known to promote the development and progression of cancer is beneficial, one would have to wonder what a detrimental additive would be. The Fluoride Action Network is always hard at work to prove that fluoride itself is one of, if not the biggest lies ever purported on the public. Its an uphill fight, and always will be.


Today though, a potentially major development is in the works. A bill is being submitted to the city council of New York City that could end fluoridation there. It needs all the support it can get, so if you live in New York City you can sign the petition by clicking here. Study after study has concluded that fluoride is a dangerous substance, and many have also surmised that whatever benefits were suggested long ago has no merit now. We published a report previously with over 40 references to documented studies on the dangers of fluoride. If you missed it, you can read it here.


On the opposite side of the spectrum to New York, the city of San Diego is considering ADDING more fluoride to its citys water supplies. Theyre actually threatening to fluoridate the water of additional sections of the city that werent previously affected. There is currently a petition against this action as well, and if you live in the San Diego area you can sign it here.


Educate yourselves; whether you read our reports or spend 5 minutes doing your own research, its fairly easy to find the dangerous effects fluoride can have. Whats even scarier than the effects fluoride can have on the body is its history and development.


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