Link Discovered Between Diabetes and Depression

Two conditions on the rise that affect a large number of Americans are depression and diabetes; Harvard researchers have recently found a link between them. It seems that study participants who suffered from depression were more likely to develop diabetes. Conversely, diabetic patients were much more likely to develop symptoms of depression.   The study went for 10 years, and consisted of 55,000 female nurses. 7,400 of them had bouts with depression, and became 17% more likely to develop diabetes. Whats stranger is that the subjects who were taking antidepressants were actually 25% more likely to develop diabetes. On the other side, 2,800 who became diabetic were 29% more likely to develop depression, and those numbers rose with the aggressive nature of the treatment.   Its safe to say that there were more instances of this connection in cases where subjects were already taking medication, as their conditions were likely much worse to begin with. Its also worth noting that these conditions have treatments, but not cures. Even when taking medication for the condition, symptoms are likely to still persist. Common threads that both diabetes and depression share are obesity, and inactivity, and the study did warn that in cases where those attributes were controlled for the links were lessened.   Information from this study shouldnt be construed in either direction, because self reporting may not always be completely accurate. However, it does establish a basis of concern that could lead to further clinical studies to further the research into both illnesses.    

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