Johnson & Johnson Potentially Facing $1 Billion In Federal And State Lawsuits

You may remember a story from a few months back in which a mother was charges with neglect by Child Protective Services for pursuing natural treatments for her child rather than continuing to adhere to a regimen of psychoactive drugs. After realizing the debilitating effects that Risperdal was having on her daughter, Maryanne Godboldo began holistic treatments for her daughter, and subsequently was charged with child neglect while her daughter was essentially kidnapped by CPS. In the latest development of this case, the manufacturer of the drug, Johnson & Johnson are being sued by federal and state governments for hiding dangerous effects and deceptive marketing to the tune of $1 billion.   While it comes as news to some, Johnson & Johnson has actually been under fire over Risperdal for a number of years. Failure to disclose harmful side effects, doctor pay offs, questionable sales practices, marketing to children, these are just a few of the activities that the US Department of Justice has been watching.   Whats actually sad about this situation is that the government isnt getting involved because the drug can do damage, theyre getting in the mix because other suits exist against J&J over money paid by Medicare and Medicaid for prescriptions. Once again, its all just a big money game. What may even be worse is that this drug will likely not be pulled from the market. No, the government will make its money back and slap the pharma giant on the wrist before putting them back to work crafting more pills.   So far J&J has been ordered to pay over $500 million in just South Carolina and Louisiana over deceptive marketing and making misleading safety claims. The state of Texas is next in line, and has a trial scheduled for the fall already. The state of Texas has spent over $500 on its own on Risperdal since it came to market.   Sources: Associated Press Rueters    

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