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Israel Ending Fluoridation In 2014

Citing Israels health concerns related to the dangers of fluoride, the Supreme Court of Israel recently ruled that new regulations will require Israel to stop adding fluoride chemicals into its public water supplies within one year. The new law goes into effect in the summer of 2014 and no Israel community will be permitted to fluoridate water. The Supreme Court ruled that the new regulations will not only bring an end to mandatory fluoridation in Israel in 2014 but also put an end to any fluoridation mandatory or voluntary.

The ruling was fueled by Yaacov Gurman and Izun Hozer of the Association for Dissemination of Health Educations petition to Isreal's highest court on Nov. 12, 2012. The petition asked for the Ministry of Health to order the cessation of fluoridation because it presents health dangers and its benefits are no longer widely accepted.

Believing that fluoride offered enough benefit to risk the populations health, Israel has mandated fluoridated water supplies since 1974, but the petition by Gurman and Hozer stated that water fluoridation should come to a halt because not only the potential health concerns, but also because fluoride provides virtually no benefit. The 1974 regulation provided legal authorization for communities in Israel to fluoridate water, but because very few communities elected to do this, a regulation was passed in 1998 permitting fluoridation for all Israeli communities with more than 5,000 people. But in April 2013 the Minister of Health, Yael German, revoked the 1974 and 1998 regulations and created a new regulation removing mandatory water fluoridation, which put an end to all fluoridation in Israel.

Fluoridation, which is the addition of fluoride to public drinking water supplies to reduce cavities, has been the subject of intense controversy especially outside of the United States. Opposition to the practice, which lists many adverse affects is growing and Israels recent action is just another sign that the popularity of water fluoridation is continuing to wane.

Israels decision to ban fluoridation follows on the heels of a vote to preclude the practice in Wichita, Kan. and Portland, Ore. It was also overturned in Hamilton, New Zealand, where councilors after listening to several days of anti-fluoride testimony - voted to stop fluoridation after 50 years. Fluoridation was also stopped in Windsor, Ontario after 51 years, and 16 regional councils halted or rejected fluoridation in Queensland since mandatory fluoridation was dropped in November 2012.

Fluoride Facts

Only 369 million of the worlds seven billion people drink water which is intentionally fluoridated, according to a British Fluoridation Society report released by FluorideAlert in November 2012. This means only five percent of the worlds people drink artificially fluoridated water. Twenty-five out of the worlds 193 countries 13% - have some water fluoridation program, but only 11 of those countries six percent have more that 50% of their population drinking fluoridated water. Interestingly, 194,206,000 Americans drink fluoridated water, which is more than half of all the people who drink fluoridated water worldwide.

The reason most of the world is avoiding water fluoridation is that an overwhelming number of scientific studies conclude that cavity levels are falling worldwide even in countries which don't fluoridate water. Many prominent leaders have recently admitted publicly that they were wrong in their pro-water fluoridation stance including John Colquhoun, DDS, Principal Dental Officer for Auckland, New Zealand and chair of the country's Fluoridation Promotion Committee. Colquhoun reviewed New Zealand's dental statistics in an effort to convince skeptics that fluoridation was beneficial and found that tooth decay rates were the same in fluoridated and non-fluoridated places.

Studies have shown that fluoride toxicity can lead to a wide variety of health problems, including increased arthritis, dementia, lead absorption, hyperactivity and lethargy, thyroid disease, muscle disorders, bone cancer and bone fractures, and lowered thyroid function. Fluoride also reduces peoples IQ, disrupts the immune system, synthesis of collagen, inactivates 62 enzymes and inhibits more than 100 enzymes, inhibits the formation of antibodies, causes genetic damage and cell death, damages sperm and increases infertility, and increases tumor and cancer rates.

In 1977, Dr. Dean Burk, former head of the Cytochemistry Section at the National Cancer Institute and Yiamouyiannis, showed that fluoridationcaused about10,000 cancer deaths in epidemiological studies. The findings weren't released until 1989. Other research highlights the fact that mass fluoride exposure may be to blame for the cardiovascular disease epidemic that takes more lives each year than cancer. In 2008, cardiovascular disease killed 17 million people.

Extensive research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals indicates that fluoride ingestion is not only ineffective at reducing tooth decay but also harmful to health. The journal Environmental Health Perspectivess potlighted the findings concerning the adverse effects of exposure to fluoride and the potential for delayed neurobehavioral development in children. The research was funded by the National Institutes of Health and showed that: children in high fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ scores than those who lived in low fluoride areas. Here's another quote from the same report: The results support the possibility of an adverse effect of high fluoride exposure on children's neurodevelopment. Future research should include detailed individual-level information on prenatal exposure, neurobehavioral performance, and covariates for adjustment.

And the National Research Councils 2006 report Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA's Standards includes these quotes:

Fluoride is an endocrine disruptor.

The relationship between fertility and fluoride requires additional study.

It is apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain.

Several lines of information indicate an effect of fluoride exposure on thyroid function.

Sufficient fluoride exposure appears toincrease the severity of some types of diabetes.

The possibility has been raised by studies in China that fluoride can lower intellectual abilities.

Further research on a possible effect of fluoride on bladder cancer risk should be conducted.

These changes have a bearing on the possibility that fluorides act to increase the Alzheimer's disease.

Perhaps Fluoride Action Networks Paul Connett, PhD., in his response to Israels recent fluoridation ruling, sums it up best: Zealous fluoridation promoters try to convince the American public that everyone drinks fluoridated water, but the opposite is true. An overwhelming number of countries do not fluoridate, including 97 percent of the European population. In fact, over half the people in the world drinking fluoridated water live in the U.S. We are the odd ones out. Fluoridation is an outdated, unscientific, failed public health blunder. What I find remarkable here is that Health Minister German has been able to escape the unscientific belief system on fluoridation that traps so many public health bureaucracies in fluoridated countries. 







Source: National Research Council. (2006). Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPAs Standards. National Academies Press, Washington D.C.

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