Hyperinflation on the Horizon Will Make It Impossible to Feed Your Family

A few short months ago the Federal Reserve announced that it would begin a quantitative easing for the US economy. This is basically a fancy way of saying that theyre printing new money, which will in turn devalue the dollar once again. Unfortunately, the only easing this will cause will be for our government, which may very well see a civilian uprising if things go as predicted. By increasing balances by $75 billion a month through June 2011, the total amount will end up at around $600 billion. This action doesnt really ease anything. Instead, it causes massive inflation; inflation of a degree that will affect every household in the country. As we make advances that would under most circumstanced lower the average cost of living, the Federal Reserve always seems to yank the chain and keep Americans in check. Policies like this will only make it more difficult for American families to enjoy even the most basic of freedoms, or even put food on the table.   For years there has been a swing to more people saving, and especially with stock market crashes and government bailouts, people want to be smarter with their money. As a society we have cut back on entertainment already, and if the need arises people can always get around fuel costs by carpooling or using mass transportation. The one area that human beings in general cannot afford to skimp on is food. Thats the one constant, the one thing that we all need to survive. Its also what this mass inflation is most likely to affect. The national inflation association has recently released their projections for future food prices, and youre really going to hope theyre wrong. Because of the lack of young farmers and the presence of genetically modified seeds that wont reproduce in subsequent years, food shortages are on the horizon.   In anticipation for the announcement of this new money printing scam, the prices of many commodities rose by staggering amounts within the months of September and October. For example, cotton prices rose by 54%, corn by 29%, sugar by 51%, and wheat by 36%. Now, most retailers have not passed these costs on to consumers; yet. They realize that if their customers cant afford to buy their products, then they wont make any money either. Sadly, this will have to come to an end before long. It all goes downhill from there. Imagine that if no one can afford to purchase groceries, how the stores will not be able to carry items that arent being bought. It could very quickly turn supermarkets into ghost towns.   If everything goes as the NIA is predicting it to, were going to be seeing record highs for food costs. By record highs, I dont mean just higher than you might have seen before. I mean astronomically high prices comparatively. Here are some examples of average prices we may see from the NIAs report:   1 ear of corn $11.43 24 oz loaf of wheat bread $23.05 32 oz granulated sugar $62.21 32 fl oz soy milk $24.31 11.30 oz ground coffee $77.71 64 fl oz orange juice $45.71 1.55 oz chocolate bar $15.50 Plain white cotton t-shirt $55.57   For the full article on hyperinflation by the NIA, click here Sources: http://inflation.us/foodpriceprojections.pdf  

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