How To NOT Get Sick This Season

The leaves begin to fall as do the temperatures, but incidents of illness, whether it be colds or flu skyrocket. There are a few simple ways to keep yourself from getting sick that wont even cost you a penny, and if you stick to these rules your body will surely thank you. Everyone knows to wash your hands frequently to avoid spreading cold causing germs, but were going to give you some tips that the average person may not know provide amazing benefits to your immune system. Heres how to make sure youre not the next one to get sick.   Most people dont get enough sleep these days, its a fact. Sure, there are studies that say that the amount of needed sleep varies by the individual and 6 hours may be enough for some people. However, another study that was published back in 2009 says that even minor sleep deprivation can suppress immune system function. How much is minor? Anything less than 7 hours will greatly decrease your immunity and actually make you likelier to get sick by three times.   The flu virus spreads the most during lower temperatures and humidity, which is why it tends to ramp up during the fall and winter months. This can be combated on multiple fronts. First, get a humidifier for home and keep it around 50% humidity. If youre on the go, natural saline nasal sprays can help keep nasal passages moist and make sure that the cilia can do their best job to keep viruses out. Stay hydrated on the inside too; drink plenty of water to keep your body at its best.   The most natural way to keep your immune system running properly is to make sure youre keeping with a healthy diet. Not the easiest tasks to do when you consider Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner, and Christmas cookies, but it can be done. Load up on antioxidants in fruits and vegetables and omega 3 fatty acids to keep everything balanced. Of course vitamin C is a given, as its been known for ages to promote healthier immune systems.   The stress that this time of year can bring only adds on to what we already have on a daily basis. Take some time to relax whenever you can, because if you continue to allow your body to release millions of stress hormones you greatly increase your risk of a hampered immune system. If youre super stressed, youre likely not taking care of yourself as well as you should either.  

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