Government Vaccine Push Extends To Offering Them For Free

Most vaccines contain an ingredient called thimerosal, which is a derivative of mercury. Unless youve been living under a rock for the last decade or three, you know that more and more scientific evidence has pointed toward a correlation between mercury exposure and increasing rates of autism. Despite these collections of facts and ongoing research, vaccines are still pushed to millions each year. In fact, anyone older than 6 months is encouraged to get seasonal flu vaccines; flu vaccines that have already been attributed to numerous deaths, side effects, and more.


Evidence against vaccines continues to mount, and yet year in and year out, they are pushed upon our young and our elderly especially. These groups, which are supposedly the most vulnerable and high risk have actually experienced little to no change in rates of death. For the first time ever, the US government is making sure that at least you wont have to pay for it.


US law will now force Medicare and other private insurers to cover the entire costs of flu shots. No co-pays allowed. This even covers the new triple dose flu shot, that coincidentally includes triple the mercury as well. This is just another example of the government pushing towards controlling health care in all aspects. Before long, it wont be a suggestion any more.


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