Government Pushes Gulf Seafood Even Though Chemicals Are Still Being Found In Waters Months Later

Months after the debacle that was the BP oil spill in the gulf, traces of toxic chemicals are still being found in the waters, and in the animals that populate the waters. This is not the report you would get from the government, of course. Theyd tell you that the results of their tests found no residues of toxic chemicals in most of the seafood that they tested. However, other experts from local fisheries suggest differently. They mention the fact that the federal tests were only looking for one chemical used in the dispersant. None of the other chemical dispersants, or even the actual oil residues were scanned for. Only a few months back, there were signs of chemical contamination 8 miles from the site of the spill, and thousands of feet below sea level. That was in May, and since those tests were performed thousands of additional gallons of oil and chemicals was released at the spill site.

Fast forward to today, December 9. Americans are still not buying gulf seafood, and rightfully so. Being oh so concerned with the economic effects in the area, what is the government doing about this? Why, pushing gulf seafood on the public of course! President Obama has even gone as far as appointing a Navy secretary to a position of being a liaison for gulf coast recovery. He has been working closely with local marketing groups, as well as consulting with the Air Force and Army to convince them that gulf seafood is the way to go as far as feeding soldiers.

It doesnt stop with the military though. The administration is also putting together efforts to push this contaminated gulf seafood on the prison systems and even public schools. Even before any testing took place, the government wanted to assure everyone that the seafood from that region was safe to eat. Even now, chemicals are still being found, and the government hasnt changed their story.


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