GM Soy Is "Cruel And Unusual"

In 2009 Clermont, Floridas Lake Correctional Institution embarked on a plan to cut their food budget by substituting soy products for anything that would have previously been labeled a meat item. This quickly escalated to other products like cheeses and breads, and eventually cut the prison facilities food budget by half. What happened next was surely not expected, as large numbers of reports of conditions such as severe and chronic constipation, diarrhea, and vomiting among other conditions like fatigue and depression began to crop up. Now, a convicted felon currently imprisoned at LCI is seeking a class action lawsuit against the states prison system for exposing them to toxic genetically modified soy, a "cruel and unusual punishment".

The facility removed a number of soy items from its menu immediately after this news became public, but continues to use it in a lot of other products where it isn't so obvious. Many other ingredients and additives still contain high levels of soy, and prisoners are still having excessive health related issues because of it. Almost all of the soy produced in the US is genetically modified, so there's little chance that the soy being used in Florida prisons is anything other than that.

The Weston A. Price Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to nutrition, has taken up arms with the prisoners and is challenging that continuing to feed the inmates such high levels of GM soy actually violates the state constitution and could be considered cruel and unusual punishment. Florida taxpayers are also being encouraged to join the argument and fight the use of toxic GM products like soy by making this a major class action lawsuit. 

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Sources: CBS Tampa The Weston A. Price Foundation

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