Fruit Juices And Soft Drinks Can Cause WHAT?!?!?!

Everyone knows how bad sodas and soft drinks are bad for you. Whether its the caffeine or in many cases high fructose corn syrup, its no secret that excessive consumption of sugary drinks leads to a number of health issues including diabetes and weight gain. Research by the American Heart Association on sugar intake found that the safe allowed amount of added sugar (sugars not found naturally in food sources) per day is 6 teaspoons for women, and 9 for men. Consider then that a single 12 ounce can of soda in most cases contains around 10 teaspoons. Its not just soft drinks though; many fruit juices contain the same amount or more of added sugars. This buildup of additional sugar can cause major problems beyond heartburn and high blood pressure, and it only gets worse.


The human body isnt designed to process the amounts of sugar that most of us consume, and when we do, we break the process that allows our bodies to maintain chemical balances. When these balances get out of whack, normal bodily functions are impaired. This includes digestive enzymes, which can lead to certain molecules slipping right past the intestine and into the bloodstream. At this point theyre recognized as foreign substances, and the immune system attacks them as such. Autoimmune disorders like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis can result from this, as well as other conditions of the sort.


Dont think you can avoid problems by switching to diet soft drinks either. Sugar substitutes like aspartame have their own set of problems that can be just as bad. Out of a 2,500 person study of diet soda drinkers, over 60% were more likely to suffer a stroke or heart attack versus those who didnt drink diet soft drinks. Even sports drinks and teas contain well over the daily recommended intake of sugars, so there arent too many places to turn. The best advice is to stick to what Mother Nature blessed us with in the first place: water.



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