"Fluzone" Vaccine Causes Numerous Febrile Seizures In Infants And Toddlers

The 2010-2011 flu season is in full swing. You can see it on TV, the internet, and even in posters at your local pharmacy: get your flu shot NOW! Numerous brands of vaccines exist, but the only one that has been approved for infants and children between 6 and 23 months old is Fluzone. It also happens to be the only one that is causing febrile seizures in the children its supposed to be protecting. This is likely no surprise to those who are in the know regarding vaccines and their consistent inability to keep anyone from getting sick. It has been downplayed significantly by both the FDA and vaccination sympathizers.

The FDA and CDC both monitor the so-called safety of vaccines in a number of methods, the most popular of which is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS. This system analyzes any/all reports of adverse effects such as health problems that develop or side effects that may occur as a result of receiving a vaccine. While its comforting to know that systems are in place to monitor these reports, its equally unnerving to know that less than 10% of adverse events are actually reported to medical professionals, and thus go unaccounted for.

The FDA was quick to jump in and mention that all of the children recovered, and no lasting effects have been seen. This once again raises questions of vaccine safety, and why this had to happen in the first place. Febrile seizures are those that relate to fevers, and can occur with numerous illnesses like influenza and viral infections. However, they are also known to occur after vaccination in many cases. The saddest note of all from this scenario is that no vaccines are being pulled, and the manufacturer is not being punished in any way. The FDA and is working closely with the manufacturer to obtain additional information instead.

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