Fluoride Spill Causes Panic As It Burns Through Concrete

Last week a water treatment facility located in Rock Island, IL saw a potential catastrophe avoided thanks to the efforts of an emergency response crew and fire department. A tanker truck that was delivering a water treatment chemical to the facility overflowed and started leaking onto the lot where it was parked. The chemical, described as a corrosive agent by the assistant fire chief, spilled down almost to the street where workers in hazmat suits were able to use earthen berms of sand and dirt to keep it from getting any further. In the short time that this chemical was on the ground, it had already begun to burn a hole into the concrete of the lot. Significant risk was a possibility, even though it was said by experts on the scene that there was no inhalation hazard. By this point you must be asking yourself What sort of chemical would even be at a water treatment facility that would burn through concrete and require a hazmat team to clean up? The answer will likely shock you.


The overflowing tanker truck that caused so much panic in a small Illinois town was delivering hydrofluorosilicic acid, a chemical that is added to public water supplies all around the world under the purpose of protecting teeth from cavities and decay. Take a moment to review these facts and run it through your calculator again, because it just doesnt add up. A corrosive agent that literally ate through concrete and had to be cleaned up by men in safety suits exactly like those who are cleaning up radioactive waste in Japan right now is perfectly safe, and actually recommended for your teeth. Not only that, but its pumped into the water supply, which hardly anyone drinks from. Most of that water is used for dishes, laundry, and bathing anyway. That doesnt make it any better, of course. This only means that youre covering your entire body in something that can burn through a parking lot.


The good news is that the fight against fluoride and water fluoridation actually is news these days. More and more articles and reports are surfacing that show its true destructive power, both in the use of fluoridated dental products and water as well as in the natural environment. The Centers for Disease Control released reports stating that over 40% of adolescents in the US have dental fluorosis from over exposure to it, and the Department of Health and Human Services recommended lowering the amount of fluoride added to municipal water supplies be lowered because of this.


More often than not, the reason that people arent aware of these dangers is just that it gets swept under the rug. Buried by other news items to keep the majority of people from understanding what can really happen. There may be some truth to the origins of fluoridation, as naturally occurring fluorine did at one point show a reduction in decay. However, it came at the cost of discolored, pitted teeth that you could see on the surface. Truth be told, that same effect can be seen in the bones as well over time, and is the specific reason that China of all countries banned fluoride completely.


Below is the full video from the news report.


Sources: www.wqad.com


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