FDA Wants Hostile Takeover Of Your Health, Act NOW To Prevent It.

If the powers that be have their way, options will no longer be an option. Last year the FDA ordered certain types of vitamin B (pyridoxamine) off the market. Not because it wasnt safe for use or had any ill side effects, but rather because it was the active ingredient in a new pharmaceutical product and it simply wouldnt be fair to the manufacturer for a cheap supplement to be available when they could make so much more money on a prescription product. The FDA seems to have it out for natural products over the past few years and new regulations have been created that threaten the existence of supplements as you know them. These unrealistic mandates will make it virtually impossible for new products to reach the new bar, and when you read what their suggested testing methods and requirements are for new products you probably wont believe it. In case you arent already, you might want to sit down.


A prime example is fish oil, because its the subject of the most recent pharmaceutical product to use natural ingredients or supplements as their active ingredient and therefore crash the party for the natural products industry. (Lovaza uses omega 3 fish oil to help lower cholesterol.) According to the new FDA guidelines, manufacturers of fish oil supplements would have to conduct year long animal studies on their products. The animals involved would be required to take in what would be the equivalent to a human of 240,000 mg a day of fish oil. (Keep in mind that the recommended daily dosage for humans is 2,400 mg, so the FDA is requiring that they take 100 times that.) This alone would be unsafe for any being, but would go a great distance to prove that the supplement wasnt safe due to the adverse reactions that would occur.


If that yearlong study sounds like a crock, the other option offered is much worse. In fact, its more than a million times worse. Behind door number 2 in the FDAs supplement funhouse is the option to do a 90 day study instead, however it would be a 1,000 fold safety margin. This option requires at least 2 species of animals to be tested, one being non-rodent. The other species according to the FDA would likely be young beagle dogs. The animals in this shorter timed study would be required to take the equivalent of 2.4 million mg daily of fish oil. The obvious problem with this is that virtually no species on this planet could consume that much daily, so the FDA would have the easiest route possible of denying the products to be sold, and clearing the way for big pharma to run the table.


If you want to take action to prevent the implementation of such ridiculous guidelines, the day is fast approaching to do so. September 8 is being recognized as National Call-In Complaint Day about these efforts to undermine and subsequently destroy the natural products and supplements industry. Write and call your Representatives and Senators and tell them how you oppose these regulations. You can also write a formal petition to the FDA and fax it to 301-443-9767, and dont forget to call the FDAs Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, Office of Nutrition, Labeling and Dietary Supplements on September 8 at 888-723-3366 and voice your opinion. Similar attempts were made back in 1994 to destroy the industry, but when consumers rallied together they beat the system. We all have to do our parts to maintain our health freedom.


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