FDA Rules On Mercury Fillings (follow up from 6/16)

Back on June 16 we posted an article about how a small consumer group called Consumers For Dental Choice had sued the FDA to make a ruling about mercury levels in silver amalgam dental fillings. They were given until July 28 to make an official statement regarding the safety of these fillings, here's what they said.

The FDA's dental products director, Dr. Susan Runner said that "The best available scientific evidence supports the conclusion that patients with dental amalgam fillings are not at risk for mercury-associated adverse health effects." They concluded that the only people who should be concerned about mercury, are those who are allergic to it. One fact that wasn't addressed is that mercury is a poison, so everyone is allergic to it.

This decision actually comes as quite a surprise, as a separate lawsuit settlement from a year ago prompted the FDA to post on it's website that there were still questions as to whether the amount of mercury in fillings was enough to harm developing fetuses or small children. The least expectation was to have a warning against using silver fillings in pregnant women or young children, as the USA is the only country that doesn't do so.

For more information about the dangers of mercury fillings, visit Dr. Tom McGuire at www.dentalwellness4u.com

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