Fat Removed Surgically Returns Within 1 Year...To Other Parts Of The Body

It may not be the most direct interpretation of reincarnation, but it turns out that there in fact is life after death- for human fat cells, that is. For the past 30+ years, liposuction has been gaining popularity. More so in recent years as, plastic surgery has gained acceptance and become more affordable. A quick fix for what diet and exercise could achieve long term, liposuction seemed to be a win-win situation for those who could afford it. However, new research conducted at the University of Colorado has found that within a year fat removed surgically actually grows back, albeit in unexpected places.

Researchers studied 32 healthy, mid-30s women of average weight that agreed not to make any significant lifestyle changes during the study. 14 of the women were selected at random and agreed to have modest amounts of fat removed by liposuction. Measurements of fat distribution were taken at 6 week, 6 month, and 1 year intervals and at the earliest mark there seemed to be a significant difference between those who had the procedure and those who did not. However, but the time they reached the 1 year mark, those differences had all but disappeared.

Over the course of the year, fat cells had regenerated but were redistributed in different areas than where they were taken from surgically. The procedure itself destroys the base structure under the skin, which explains why the fat cells wouldnt reappear in the same location where they once were. However, they generally re-grew in the upper body. The chest, arms, shoulders, and even neck are among the parts of the body that fat was gained in. Even in natural circumstances, scientists believe that fat cells have a life cycle of about 7 years. Even then, once they die off another grows in its place.

With the same amount of fat in their bodies, though in different places, the women who underwent the procedure in the study were said to still be happy to have had it removed from their hips, thighs, and buttocks. Half of the women of the control group continued with their previously planned procedures that were offered at reduced costs once the study was completed.


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