Fact or Fiction: Bored To Death?

As technology advances and medical research moves forward, more and more links to deadly diseases are unearthed. Recently, a number of factors for heart disease have been discovered, but did you know that one of them could be your mood? The International Journal of Epidemiology has published research that suggests that chronic boredom can lead to an early death.

The research doesnt say that strictly being bored is a killer, but rather symptoms associated with it. For example, people who are bored tend to eat more. In these situations, theyre probably not running for the healthiest snacks either. Boredom can be associated with depression in some cases, which also has been linked to heart disease. People who are bored, depressed, or both are often in poor health already. In part, this can be due to lack of motivation to live a heart healthy lifestyle including eating well and getting regular exercise.

Questionnaires that were filled out between 1985 and 1988 by 7,500 people aged 35-55 were studied in this project. The questions centered on whether they had felt bored at work during the previous month. In 2009, researchers followed up on the forms and found that the people who had stated that they had been very bored were more than twice as likely to have died from heart problems as those who werent.

Boredom has also been linked to anger suppression which elevates blood pressure and suppresses the natural immunity of the body. Winter months are the hardest to cope with because of low temperatures and low amounts of vitamin D we get from limited sun exposure. As we begin to thaw out try to get outside and get active to help live a healthier and more content life.


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