Eyes Can Be The Window To More Than Just The Soul

People often fear the worst in a given situation, and bad news is not something we like to hear. This is only one of many reasons that as a society, we often put off important medical checkups or appointments. There is also the financial aspect to account for, but it seems that the majority of people dont notice anything wrong, so they avoid the checkups that could be early indicators of health problems. Lighthouse International, a major advocate of vision protection and treatment recently published a survey that indicates that millions of Americans risk losing their vision, and fear that loss more than that of any of their other senses. However, very few are doing anything about it. More than of those at risk for diseases of the eyes do not have annual exams. There are many risk factors for potential eye disease that most wouldnt normally associate with the eyes, like high blood pressure for example. It has been linked with glaucoma, which in many cases has no warning signs or symptoms until its too late. This can cause irreversible damage, and without proper examinations to look out for the warnings, it may be far too late to treat by the time its discovered. There are alternative treatments like eye drops and injections to treat glaucoma, but surgery can often be needed also.   A typical eye exam can pick up on a number of warning signs for other diseases besides those associated with the eyes also. Diabetes, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disorders, and even tumors can be detected by an optometrist.  

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