Europe Makes Herbal Remedies Illegal

Herbal remedies have been used for centuries, and in many cases are much more effective than any synthetic medications put forth by pharmaceutical companies. While there are some interactions that have been noted from combining certain herbs with certain medicines, the herbal varieties generally pose no threat whatsoever when used on their own. In Europe however, a simple warning about such interactions just isnt enough, and very soon a great number of herbal products are set to be banned for good.


Many existing herbs that have been used for decades or longer must pass an assessment by the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency of the European Union before they can be sold, while numerous others wont even be considered if they havent been regularly used within the last 30 years. The purpose for banning these natural herbs is to protect consumers from the ‘damaging effects of traditional herbal remedies according to the EU. However, there are many more damaging side effects from prescription medications than any herbal remedy in existence.


One of the claims by the MHRA is that this new regulation is in the consumers benefit in that they will now be able to make informed choices about using natural products. They also claim that natural and herbal products arent as safe because they dont undergo the same clinical trials as prescription drugs. It seems a little obvious since theyre all natural, and people know they work. It would be a little redundant and wasteful to run tests when the outcome is already known.


If you live in Europe, stock up on all the natural and herbal products you use while you still can. Products that are still in stores can remain there until their current expiration dates. After that however, its a whole new ball game.



BBC News


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