Doctor Dispenses Pills Like Candy, Sues Family Of Patient Who Overdosed And Died

Overdoses on prescription drugs are the leading cause of unintentional injury or death in the US and while its sad that these situations are able to take place at all, its much worse when negligence on behalf of the prescribing physician is directly to blame. Take the case of Andre Duncan for example, a young girl from Henderson, NV who died in 2005 as a direct result of toxicity from a combination of opiates, antidepressants, and pain killers prescribed by her doctor. Maybe Andrea needed all these medications, maybe she didnt The world will never know because Dr. Kevin Buckwalter admitted in a taped deposition that he prescribed her all these medications because he did not have time to fully examine her. Years later, Dr. Buckwalter is countersuing the Duncan family along with 6 other families with cases against the former doctor. Former, as in: the DEA and Nevada Board of Medical Examiners revoked his license in 2006.


At least 6 cases exist where individuals either overdosed and died or committed suicide after taking drugs prescribed by Kevin Buckwalter. In his deposition for the Duncan case, he essentially admits the lack of detail in his former practice. He states that he did not routinely keep records of prescribed medications, which is in direct violation of state medical laws. He took his patients word for it on what sorts of medications they were taking, and seems to have made a habit out of providing larger than normal quantities of these drugs just because the patient asked for it. He prescribed Andrea Duncan xanax in quantity of 300 at a time, and once prescribed over 310 oxycodone pills to a drug addict named Staci Voyda over an 11 day period. 2 weeks after that prescription was filled, Staci took her own life.


Stories like this happen all too often, and its unfortunate that they only make the news after so many have been hurt or killed. Its simply appalling that after all these years, Buckwalter is taking action against the Duncan family. Hes already been captured on film admitting that he didnt properly examine a patient, didnt order records from a previous medical facility, and gave her large amounts of multiple forms of prescription drugs simply because she said please. People like Kevin Buckwalter give new meaning to the term practicing medicine because he simply doesnt know how to do it, and we should all be thankful that his license was revoked years ago.


Between 1999 and 2006 the number of hospitalizations from prescription drug poisoning jumped by over 50%, and those drugs have taken the top spot away from auto accidents in regard to unintentional injury death. Be sure your doctors are taking proper and professional care of you and your loved ones, because there are still plenty of Kevin Buckwalters out there that need to be made examples of.



Las Vegas Sun



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