Diet Sodas Are Anything But Diet, Cause Massive Waist Size Increase In Study

Every time you turn around theres another new diet or tip floating around thats better than the last. Then again, there are the same tried and true methods that have worked for ages. Finally, theres the other group of half truths and mysteries that are good in theory, but poor in execution. Either that or theyre proven undeniably wrong within a reasonable amount of time. One such story is that of sugars and artificial sweeteners, and with it comes a new study that aims to burst the bubble on the name diet soda itself.


As it turns out, diet soda is anything but diet. In a study from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, 10 years worth of information from almost 500 participants was analyzed. What was found that among those subjects was that those who drank 2 or more diet sodas per day had waist sizes that increased 6 times more than those who did not drink diet soda at all. A professor and researcher of this study said regarding artificial sweeteners, They may be free of calories, but not of consequences.


This information was brought forth at the American Diabetes Associations annual meeting, and while shocking enough on its own theres actually more news regarding artificial sweeteners. Another study that was conducted using mice fed regular chow vs. those fed chow with added aspartame (a very common sweetener in diet drinks and foods) showed that the mice fed the chow with added aspartame actually had higher blood glucose levels.


Aspartame has had its own dark history, being documented for destroying brain neurons and leading to possible outcomes like seizures, strokes, heart disease, and chronic headaches. Its likely that moving forward there will be groups who rally for the removal of the diet tagline on beverages and foods like this, because its rather obvious that their products are doing exactly the opposite of that.


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