Despite Negative Statistics, CDC Still Says "Get Your Flu Shot NOW"

Despite official reports attributing a 700% increase in miscarriages among pregnant women who received flu vaccinations, the CDC would like to remind you now more than ever to get a flu shot. In fact, last week (12/5-12/11) was National Influenza Vaccination Week. Thats right, in one weeks time the CDC had their own report published that proved the detrimental effects of vaccinations, and still managed to launch and maintain a major marketing campaign aimed at getting people to be vaccinated. I wish there was a punch line to follow those statements up with, but theyre just facts.   Its a shame that the facts dont matter to the masses like they really should. What does seem to matter are big marketing efforts, television and radio commercials, and celebrity endorsements. Major drug stores even offer gift cards for flu shots. Sure its the season of giving, but thats not really a gift thats beneficial. Most people end up getting the flu around the same time they get vaccinated coincidentally, even though any so called expert will assure you that its just not possible to get the flu from a flu shot.   The CDCs standpoint is that they dont want people to think that just because widespread instances of the flu havent been reported, they wont be. They want you to remember that the flu is coming, just like last year when H1N1 was blown so far out of the water that everyone panicked as if it were Armageddon. As in most years, its a lot of hype. Their own flu map even shows that only 1 out of 50 states has reported more than a lesser flu activity.    

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