Department Of Health And Human Services Hearing Public Opinion On Water Fluoridation - Sign The Online Petition To End It

Last month, the US Department of Health and Human Services announced the results of a nationwide survey regarding the fluoridation of drinking water in the US that showed a staggering 41% of adolescents aged 12-15 had some form of dental fluorosis, which is the visible sign of fluoride toxicity. Because of this, HHS recommended lowering the levels of fluoride added to municipal water supplies for the first time in history. While this is a step in the right direction, many feel that its just not good enough.


There are so many methods exposure to fluoride outside of drinking water, that any fluoridation by that method suddenly becomes overkill. Prepared foods, beverages, and dental products all still contain fluoride, which is why adding it to a source like drinking water that cannot be avoided makes no sense in the first place. Not to mention that mass medication of this nature is unethical, and unnecessary. For the first time ever, studies that have disproved the so-called benefits of fluoride are being heard.


Since HHS is hearing public opinions on the matter, the Fluoride Action Network has composed a letter to the department that calls out reasons for the overall removal of fluoride, not just a reduction in amounts that were exposed to. FAN points out cited reasons that fluoride is not a nutrient, nor is it essential for healthy teeth as well as how and why Americans will still not be protected from over exposure to fluoride even at 0.7 parts per million. HHS has also failed to consider or investigate reports on fluoride as a potential carcinogen, endocrine disruptor, its impact on the brain, or its effects on skeletal structure. Increasing rates of skeletal fluorosis was the prime reason for China banning fluoride altogether.


HHS is accepting comments until February, 14. To sign the online form to ask HHS to end water fluoridation, click here.


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