DEA Aims To Legalize Marijuana For Pharmaceutical Companies

Even though marijuana is still an illegal substance in most states, it turns out that obtaining it may be even easier than you may have previously thought. As a matter of fact, it might just be as easy as asking for it nicely. Of course, youd have to be part of a major pharmaceutical company; wouldnt want to leave that part out. It seems that four major pharmaceutical companies who currently have products being reviewed by the FDA have sent petitions to essentially legalize marijuana and its active chemical THC for use in their products. They claim that their generic products are similar to the synthetic Marinol, and have requested that the naturally derived additives be made legal for their use.


Even though Marinol is a synthetic form of THC, it is of course based on the chemical composition and effects of the naturally occurring form. In fact, most synthetic marijuana is much stronger than the real deal and has sent numerous users to the emergency rooms with increased heart rates and anxiety symptoms. However, because its synthetic, its legal. The DEA is now asking the FDA to extend this loophole to the naturally derived extract, thus making your doctor your new hook up.


The real problem that many are failing to recognize is that any time there is a street drug that can be synthesized and profited from, its quickly turned around as such. For example, drugs that were known as speed for years are now waiting conveniently for you at the checkout counter. Some variations are even prescribed for children for ADHD. Did you ever think of it that way? That the drugs your children may be taking used to be sold on street corners? Then the government found a way to help the big pharmaceutical companies profit from it.


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