Colorado Pharmacy Mistakenly Gives Expectant Mother Abortion Pill

Mareena Silva arrived at her Colorado home just like any other day, after making a trip to her local pharmacy to pick up an antibiotic prescription. It wasnt until after she had taken the first dose, and later began to feel sick to her stomach did she read her pill bottle more closely. Upon further inspection, her pharmacy had mistakenly given her the prescription meant for another woman with the same last name and what was inside was far from an antibiotic. The mix-up had sent Mareena home with a bottle of methotrexate, more commonly known as the abortion pill. For a number of different types of people this wouldnt be a huge deal is also given to patients suffering from arthritis and psoriasis, as well as cancer patients on chemotherapy. However, Mareena is 6 weeks pregnant with her first child.


After consulting her doctor, Mareena tried to induce vomiting and was soon rushed to a local hospital. She was given charcoal to try to absorb the medication, but unfortunately there will be no way to tell what the effects will be for some time. What is truly unfortunate is that since she is in the first trimester, when miscarriages and premature births are of higher chance anyway, there would be no way to tell whether it was from natural causes or because of the pill if either of those situations were to happen.


The pharmacy has, of course, apologized; even offered to pay any medical expenses that are a result of the error. However, they cant increase the chances of Silva delivering a healthy child. Even if there are no complications regarding miscarriage, the chance for birth defects has been increased. Sorrys not going to cut it, said Silva. Im going to have to deal with this for a long time. My baby could have deformities. Theres a lot that goes with it. No further action has been taken yet.


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