Colorado Clinic Uses Shared Syringes For Children's Flu Shots

Not only are flu shots dangerous in their own right, it turns out now that there could be even more danger involved depending on whos administering the shot itself. In a story thats under the radar for absolutely no good reason, a clinic in Colorado had to issue a notice to parents of children who received a pediatric flu shot from their office that they should get tested for a number of blood-borne diseases. Why would children need to be tested for HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C? The clinic shared vaccine syringes between patients.


It seems that children are supposed to get two separate doses of the flu vaccine (one needle full of mercury just isnt enough for your precious children) and a medical assistant at the clinic only gave half of each vaccine to each child because they assumed that each syringe was filled with the adults dosage. Weve all learned our lessons about assumptions, but they should never be when safety is in question. This assistant gave only half the dosage to each child and then afterwards replaced the needle, but not the syringe itself. The used syringes were stored in a box labeled second doses, and then later some of those half used syringes were re-used on children coming back for their second shots.


Sure, this person has since been fired. Sure, the clinic has apologized. Sure, the media has swept this under the rug and only local outlets are reporting on it. There is more danger to vaccines than the vaccines themselves, and its terribly unfortunate to say that potentially contracting Hepatitis C is small time compared to some of the long term effects seen from vaccinations in the past. Never mind that there was a 2400% increase in fetal demise in cases of pregnant women who received the 2009 H1N1 vaccine, WE HAVE TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN!


Since that time, a lot more evidence supporting Vitamin Ds effects on the immune system have also been swept under the rug. Not only has it been shown to help defend against the flu, but also urinary tract infections, and even breast cancer. Its a sad pill to have to swallow, but there was so much less illness before the invention of medicine.



The Coloradoan


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