Collecting Positive Reviews For Your Dental Practice The Right Way

Dental assistant in exam room smilingMost dentists are aware of the value of positive Google reviews, but the hard part is getting them. This is attributed to people being too busy to take the time to write a review or going through the trouble to make a Google account and add the review theyve written.

If you are asking yourself why you should worry about Google reviews for your practice, theres a few good reasons, according to Dental Media.

1) Great reviews catch the eye in search results and serve as the recommendation of your services.

2) Reviews are strongly considered to be a key factor for ranking within the local results which appear on page 1 of Google.

Although several methods have been created to get reviews such as gentle persuasion, which is fine - one of the worst things you can do is pay companies to do reviews for you. Google strongly discourages any attempts to manipulate their results as their review guidelines clearly indicate, Dental Media says. Whilst we know this does go on, we also know that Google is becoming increasingly adept at identifying all forms of manipulation.

It is also a bad practice to obtain reviews from your friends and employees. Below are some other ways you can collect great reviews, but always keep in mind to avoid any practice that could be considered as manipulating the process.

Ethical Ways To Get Reviews

  • Target your main patients and re-connect with them by email or with a phone call following treatment to thank them and request a review.

  • Make the review process easy for your patients by giving them easy-to-understand instructions to write a review and where to leave it.

  • Update recall instructions to include a call to action requesting a review.

  • Email your patient contact list and Facebook followers and ask them to leave a review.

  • Include a page on your website detailing the review process that also links to your Google review page and explains why it is important for your practice.

  • Place a sign at your reception desk encouraging patients to leave a review about the service they received. Also, encourage your team to suggest for patients to submit a review and perhaps give your team an incentive for doing this.

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